Frequently asked questions

Our door is always open and we’re happy to answer any questions you have. Listed below are just a few of the frequently asked questions we receive. Call us on 07800929770 or email if you have any further enquiries.

I’m not very fit, does it matter?

Not at all, it’s the very reason that people come along to sessions to improve fitness. Because we use training zones, and everyone has their own zones, we can mix different abilities in the same sessions. That’s why we recommend an assessment induction before joining sessions to ensure you know how to use equipment and know your individual training zones.

What should I wear and bring?

Without doubt bring a workout towel and a drink. Normal sports clothing and trainers are perfectly acceptable! If you ride the Wattbikes you will find that wearing cycle shorts is much more comfortable and progressing to cycling shoes also helps.

Should I use a heart rate monitor  (HRM)?

The Wattbikes, Concept2 rowers and Concept2 ski-erg can all connect with an Ant+ HRM, such as Garmin or Suunto. We use heart rate to help control intensity, it is a useful indicator of improving fitness as well. So, we recommend doing so, but we are not going to force you!

How much does it cost to use FiftyTwoTwelve Fitness Studio?

We have a choice of memberships and coached sessions available. We know that cost can be a barrier to exercise so we take this into account when setting our charges. Please refer to our price list for details or speak to us.

Why should I do an induction?

We want to be sure that you know how to set up and use our equipment. It also gives us a chance to get to know each other and we can then help you to achieve your goals.

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