Every year Christmas just seems to creep upon us. The chaos of Christmas shopping begins and we have the worry of what gifts to buy our loved ones. However we’ve created a short gift guide, including things in various price ranges, to give you some ideas and help put those worries to bed! Catch some gift-spiration for fitness lovers below…

52Twelve Merch 

We can’t provide this list without beginning with the new and of course, existing 52 Twelve merch. 

Keep the sweat off with our new 52Twelve Workout Towels. Or represent and feel a part of the studio with our workout t shirts and vests!

Speak with Phil to find out what other merchandise could be available to you: [email protected]

Yoga Mat     

Photo Credit: Backslash

Why not go for a new yoga mat for your budding yoga obsessed partner or friend? Backslash Fit’s Smart Yoga Mat would be an exciting gift for a few reasons… This mat is self-rolling allowing yogi’s to stay chill after sessions and even comes with bonus yoga routines powered by women’s health that can you can hear using your smart speaker. There’s also no slipping and sliding with this mat because as you sweat, your grip improves, thanks to the built in technology of the smooth top layer. Catch it here at £87.97.

Garmin Sports Watch

Photo Credit: www.alphr.com (check out their review!)

With the Forerunner 30 Garmin Sports Watch, you can stay connected and share your progress. This simple-to-use GPS running watch offers wrist based heart rate, giving access to your VO2 Max so you can monitor your fitness. Running distance, route and speed all feature within the Forerunner 30 which also doubles up as an activity tracker with Move IQ and basic smart notifications for calls and texts! This watch is great for your active friends and family and can be found here.

Foam Roller

Photo Credit: Domyos

Nail your mobility work with this foam roller at a low price from Decathlon. Foam rollers are great for pre-workout preparation in addition to warming up. Designed to prepare the body for exercise and avoid risk of injury as well as for use post-exercise to practice mobility and muscle recovery, foam rollers are a great tool for the fitness lover. Catch yours here.

Compression Tops

A staple part of the fitness lovers’ wardrobe should be compression tops. This Christmas gift is going to keep their muscles warm and be truly treasured. Keeping sweat off the body to prevent chaffing and rashes and to get scientific, depending on the level of compression (usually between 10-25 mmHg) they improve venous return and oxygenation to working muscles! Get one here.

Nutri Bullet

Inspire nutritious smoothies into a breakfast regular with the Nutri Bullet 600. Great for getting the most out of your food, this blender can break down whole vegetables and fruits for maximum nutrition extraction. Quick and easy to use, this could also be a useful tool for the friend who is trying a new fitness regime but struggles with eating the right foods. Break bad breakfast habits and replace them with healthy, nutritious options, great for the whole family! Grab one here.

Heart Rate Monitor

Photo Credit: Suunto

Being able to track your heart rate during exercise is useful for the fitness lover taking things seriously. Knowing your heart rate during exercise enables you to work at the correct level to improve certain aspects of your fitness. With a heart rate monitor, exercise is no longer random but monitored and methodical, a great present for those looking to meet a fitness goal in the new year! This Suunto Smart Sensor can be found here or at your local Decathlon.

Epsom Bath Salts

Epsom Salts are a compound believed to have great health benefits. Many people, including some healthcare professionals, claim Epsom salt is therapeutic and use it as an alternative treatment for several conditions. 

These salts promote sleep and stress reduction. Adequate magnesium levels are essential for sleep and stress management, likely because magnesium helps your brain produce neurotransmitters that induce sleep and reduce stress. Magnesium may also help your body produce melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep. These salts are also great for reducing muscle soreness and relieving cramps. Grab some here.

That’s the end of our guide, we do hope it’s given you a few Christmas gift ideas!