Sometimes the desire to exercise starts to decline and we need a bit of a push to get going again. If you’re having trouble getting out of your warm bed to train on a cold morning, or the earlier sunsets are affecting your motivation to train after work, please keep reading. We’re going to give you some tips on how to get going during the colder months. 

Lack of motivation is normal at this time of year. As we head through to the Autumn and Winter months the days get colder and darker sooner. Many of us who have had no problem training outdoors in the Summer, are now struggling to find the motivation to train.

We’ve been talking with some members of FiftyTwoTwelve Fitness about motivation and inspiration, so here are some prompts to help you get going…

Find someone that inspires you

Finding an inspirational figure that you resonate with, is the perfect way to keep your training moving. When you know they would be getting out there and training, no matter the conditions, you know you can do it too. If it’s important enough for them, it’s important enough for you! If it’s how they win, it’s how you’ll win.

This being said, looking to others for inspiration doesn’t work for everyone. Instead, some people are motivated to do what others won’t do. Nobody likes riding or running in the rain, or into a strong headwind. Many of us will look out the window and find an excuse to stay in. When you wake up to the sound of rain on the windowsill or the wind whistling through the trees, you have to see it as an opportunity to be seized. These aren’t bad days; they are days that make the difference. Be willing to do what’s hard, because most people aren’t and remember ‘The only workouts you will regret are the ones you don’t do’…

Prepare yourself to train 

We all face times when it’s hard to get out of a warm bed, but remember the difficult step is the first one. All you have to do is start and once you do, the rest will follow. If you’re struggling to take that first step, try lowering or eliminating the barriers:

Time is just an idea, so make time!

We’re all probably guilty of complaining about the lack of time we have to train. However there’s possibly something we all need to acknowledge in order to conquer this problem. Whether you are self-employed or work for someone else, there will always be more work to do. There are times when you really do have to make work your first priority, but if we’re being honest, we have probably all put work first more often than was really necessary. So make time to prioritise you sometimes, and go for the ride or run. Go to the gym (ideally FiftyTwoTwelve)! Or even use your holiday days. Whilst there will always be more work to do, you’ll regret those missed opportunities to do that one ride or train for that one marathon. So put the training first and do that bit more work, when YOU have time. 

Most of all, be kind to yourself. Nobody has endless energy or bulletproof motivation. You are going to struggle to get moving some days, and that’s okay. But, using tools like the ones above can help you to get through those days and stay on track. They won’t work every time, but most of the time these techniques will conquer that low-energy persistence that sometimes drags you down.

Please let Phil know if you have any more tips on Workout Motivation!