Induction sessions

An induction session allows us to make sure you’re comfortable with using the equipment in our Studio and know how to utilise it to optimal potential. It’ll also let us to get to know a little about you and your fitness goals.


If you are new to the using the Wattbikes with us, attending an assessment induction session will ensure you get the most benefit when using them. These sessions can last up to 60 minutes and will include:

  • Showing you how to set up a Wattbike
  • Up to 2 assessments that will establish your power and heart rate zones
  • A workout session in the remaining available time that will see you use your newly established zones, an explanation of pedalling techniques and how to effectively use the polar view for analysis.

We can download the data from this session to provide a written report on pedalling technique. This is optional and charged for as an extra.

Concept2 rower

If you are new to indoor rowing with us, we recommend an assessment induction lasting up to 60 minutes on the rowers. The induction sessions include:

  • How to set up the rower and set the drag factor
  • How to connect a heart rate monitor
  • Guiding you through the rowing technique and explaining the effort and recovery phases, stroke rate and pace.
  • A suitable assessment to provide a baseline to monitor progress.

To book an induction, call 07800 929770

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