Coach led sessions

We run sessions throughout the week, so please refer to our class timetable for full details of timings.

You don’t need to be on a training plan with us to take part in coached sessions. Even as a one off session you can be assured of a structured, quality session.

Just decide on the best option available for you to join in with the sessions. Be it through the training plans, as a one off session or a 12 week subscription to the sessions.

You can always send us an email or speak to us about availability and suitability for you.

Whether you simply join our coach led sessions or have a personalised programme you can be sure that you are participating in a structured plan of training.

Strength training

Strength training is an important part of an exercise routine. These workouts should be developmental and we encourage a review of them on a regular basis. Doing the same thing time after time reduces the rate of improvement and we think it just gets plain boring.

Being fans of functional training, we’ll also encourage including this particular training approach as it is such a dynamic method of exercising.

Suspension ropes, RipTrainer, Kettlebells, dumbbells, studio barbells and exercise bands are enough to develop an all over workout that encourages us to exercise in a way that makes us stronger and compliments sports training.

We can create tailored individual programmes to best suit your goals and fitness ability. We include a range of exercises that are interesting and dynamic, which therefore encourages long-term commitment. This means you will see overall improvements to your strength and fitness.

Garage workouts

We may have lost our Studio but we can still provide a venue for you to “enjoy” a workout at our business base. It’s a no frills, rough and ready environment, what else would you expect from being in a garage? In summer months we can swap to a “garden” workout.

Your 1 hour long workout would include time on a Wattbike, C2rower and the C2Ski-erg. It’s a combination of strength and aerobic endurance training as a consequence. Want some strength conditioning as well – no problem!

Want longer? No problem, this can be easily arranged

Just contact us to book a session and to discuss the format of your own session. Available for up to 2 people or we can train with you to add that extra edge to the session!