Indoor cycling and Wattbikes

We love our Wattbikes and always have! Other indoor cycling options are of course available and it makes no difference which you use for our plans and sessions. But having power and heart rate capability makes it a lot easier.

Phil was in fact the first person in the world to order and take delivery of Wattbikes. He’s very proud of that fact, so don’t mention it, he’ll never stop talking about it!

We keep a Wattbike at our base for our “garage” workouts.

The Wattbike is the ideal indoor cycle for improving fitness, be it for general wellbeing or more focussed aims. The inbuilt power meters provide a wealth of information and we can be very precise about the intensity you exercise at. Using the “Polar graph” you can also work on improving pedal technique.  With the expanded range of Wattbikes now available there is an option for everyone, which will help to improve cycling.

Often underrated is the use of rollers as a training tool. They are perfect for helping to develop leg speed, great pedalling technique, improving bike handling and control and strengthening your core.

We use the Kreitler challenger rollers, really smooth to ride on. We particularly love them for doing a high cadence, paced effort. Try riding on a set of TT bars on rollers to inspire a whole world of confidence when you get outdoors and ride!

We have Wattbike Pro/ Trainers available to hire, as well as the Kreitler rollers. Contact us for details.

Concept2 Rowers

We are passionate about indoor rowing and Concept2 rowing machines are the gold standard of rowers. Rowing is an effective endurance and strength workout that works more of the body’s muscles than swimming. The action of rowing uses legs, back and arms. Using all those muscles means using a lot of calories; an hour on a rowing machine can dispose of between 600 and 1200 calories depending on your fitness level.

Like ‘real’ rowing, the machine supports you and there is no impact on your joints and with sensible eating is great for weight control. You’ll be amazed at the effect a structured programme of regular workouts will have on your stamina, strength, body shape and tone. It also connects to many heart rate monitors and fitness apps.

We keep a Concept2 rower at our base for our “garage” workouts.

We have the Model D with PM5 rowers available to hire. Contact us for details.

Concept2 SkiErg

We keep a SkiErg at our base for our “garage” workouts. Like the rowers, the SkiErg gives a full body workout and develops both strength and endurance. The Concept2 Rower and Concept2 SkiErg complement one another exceptionally well and by including both in your training programme through one of our “garage” workouts you’ll have a more balanced and varied workout.

The SkiErg performance monitor, like the rowers, gives a wealth of information, allowing you to track your progress. It also connects to many heart rate monitors and fitness apps.